Completed projects

Design, delivery and assembly of ducts and supporting structures for dust extraction system for the investment project in Kęty

At the request of the Owner (ALUMETAL), we undertook the implementation of a number of works as part of the expansion of the aluminium scrap processing plant in Kęty. Our scope of works included design works, production, delivery and assembly of ducts for the dust extraction system with supporting structures, cyclone and steam extraction system with a total weight of [...]

Repair of a pig iron ladle Q = 140 tonnes

Renovation of the Q140t pig iron ladle used for the transport of pig iron during the steel production process, consisting in the replacement of journal plates, i.e. cutting out parts of the ladle armour with worn journals and welding new ones while maintaining the axiality of the journals and the dimensions of the ladle. The quality of the welding works [...]